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As the Bloggie awards build to a heady climax, and the number of unread posts across the 100+ blogs I subscribe to recedes into the 1000+ distance, I find that I can no longer bring myself to coherently recommend a route through the vast territories of thoughts and links being written into existence every day. I feel like I haven’t ‘read the internet’ for months. This is no reflection on those sites – far from it – but only on my inability to keep up with them during periods of intense workload. So, as my sole post on these matters, I’ll simply recommend the following entries from the site I generally enjoy visiting most, things magazine. Most of these are posts where the editor Jonathan Bell collates links and thoughts around a particular subject, rather than the equally enjoyable random daily linkfests we often see there. So, in lieu of a bloggie recommendation, go and read these in-no-particular-order entries at things:

Superstudio, ‘Croydon B’ and the Purley Way / On Massive Change / Cold War Houthouses / On architectural publishing / Spring Heel Jack / On Design Observer on architecture / Frank Lloyd Wright and Deconstruction / Shuffle, thin-slicing and rapid cognition / Virtual representations of cities and war / Positional goods and branding / Gentrification and eugenics / Glamour and design


3 responses to “These are a few of my favourite Things”

  1. jpb Avatar

    Thank you!


  2. Alex Avatar

    Hear hear!


  3. Taxloss Avatar

    “Things” is in my top five favourite internet sites.


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