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On Demand BBC radio listening figures

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Please excuse the BBC-centric post (again), but our on-demand listening stats have been released for the first time today, as reported in The Guardian. Most, if not all, is driven by our RadioPlayer. This quote indicates some of the salient points:

"Unsurprisingly, Radio 1 has the most online listeners, but the statistics also show that on-demand radio is taking off across the board. The most popular "listen again" shows have been Radio 4’s adaptation of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and repeats of The Archers. Others stand out as having disproportionately large "listen again" audiences, particularly specialist shows, often broadcast at an inconvenient hour or perhaps undiscovered by listeners until they see it promoted. The listening figures for October are the highest to date. In the past year, the number of hours spent listening to live online radio has risen from 4.7m to 6.1m. But it is the on-demand listening figures that show the steepest rise. The number of requests per month for on-demand shows over the year has almost doubled from 4.5m to 7.7m. And the increase in on-demand listening hours is even more striking, rising from 1.8m to 4.1m."

MediaGuardian: Sharp rise for on-demand


One response to “On Demand BBC radio listening figures”

  1. Julian Barker Avatar
    Julian Barker

    congratulations – it is a fab service. We use it soo much – I just hope the ISP doesn’t start implementing the usage cap on the broadband connection.


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