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Political Cartoon Gallery, London

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Political Cartoon Gallery, London

The Political Cartoon Gallery, newly at 32 Store Street, Central London (just off Tottenham Court Road). Features some fabulous old cartoons by all the greats (Low, Marc, Vicky, Fougasse, Bell, Rowson etc.) and cake downstairs. Support your local political cartoon gallery today!

“The Political Cartoon Gallery is the world’s only centre dedicated to Political Cartoons and Caricature. Only at the Political Cartoon Gallery can you purchase the finest original cartoons by leading political cartoonists from both the past and the present. We are located in London’s West End, close to Goodge Street Station, Tottenham Court Road and only 10 minutes walk from Oxford Circus.”

Political Cartoon Gallery


4 responses to “Political Cartoon Gallery, London”

  1. Evelyn Avatar

    Is that like USA’s peanut gallary? j/k


  2. george Avatar

    Loooking for information on political cartoons from c1835 “Slaps on the Face” by
    C.J. Grant, published by T. Dawson of the “Every Body’s Album” 54 Leicester
    Thank you,


  3. Robert Carbonell Avatar

    Robert Carbonell – Catalan Abstract Painter.
    Contemporary abstract painting rich in color and texture. Catalan Artist exploring canvas, acrylic,
    mixed-media, collage and working gestual painting


  4. Robert Carbonell Avatar

    Good my style is not the cartoons. In the month of September I have a exhibition in London I believe that near its gallery. If I can I will give a look.
    I take advantage of to say that day 8 of June of this year 2007 I will be in NYC in the Icosahedron Gallery. In a collective exhibition with which he will participate with 10 works,
    Best Resgards
    Robert Carbonell


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