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“The City As Playground”, Manchester

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House music legend Elliot Eastwick has a new documentary out – The City As Playground – which “explores the cityscape as an arena for play, investigating how it has been adopted by sporting sub-cultures which use the landscape of the city for alternative means. Their motivation is fun, self-expression, and a desire to re-invent their surroundings.”

Saturday 6th November, from 1 pm (screenings continue until 6pm). Urbis, Manchester. Free.

“The film follows an incredible group of young ‘Free Runners’, with members from Manchester, Liverpool and London, who use their gravity-defying gymnastic skills to create a new way of travelling – leaping stairs, scaling walls and rooftops. After watching these high octane antics, you will never see the city through the same eyes again. The film screening will begin at 1pm with an informal introduction to the project by Elliot Eastwick, followed by a question and answer session.”

It’s 20 minutes, it’s free, so go check it out if you’re in or around Manchester. It’s at Urbis.


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