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Smoke, Issue 4

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Rejoice! London, Rejoice! There’s a new issue of the magnificent Smoke magazine out and about. All you favourite characters return: Anatomy of London; Bus of the Month; Words Found Written on the Steamed-Up Windows of Late-Night Buses, The Astonishing Routemaster, and London’s Campest Statues is now joined by London’s Daintiest Garage, which is declared to be Bloomsbury Service Station. (I walk past this little gem twice a day.) Some excerpts.

Garner a flavour of the rest of Smoke with these randomly selected article titles: London’s Skatespot Netherworld. The Bins of Pimlico, What’s It All About Alfege?, One Week in Dalston; Last Train to Ruislip; and the near essential Smoke Illustrated Guide to Coping With Trams.

Available from all good bookshops, but if that’s too subjective for you, I know you can get it at the London Review Bookshop for a start.


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