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Hitchhikers (R4); Late Junction (R3)

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Please forgive the BBC-centric nature of these two links. But two things of recent import at work.

a) The fantastic BBC Radio 3 show Late Junction recently celebrated its fifth birthday. One of the best shows on radio anywhere, imho. Fiona Talkington celebrated by playing the great World Standard and the supreme Tabula Rasa by Arvo Pärt, amongst other choice cuts (check the tracklisting). Many happy returns!

b) The new recordings of the legendary Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy hit BBC Radio 4 this week. You can hear the shows, and even play the game – a not-very-updated (on purpose!) version of the classic ’80s adventure game based on the series [Flash]. The game was scripted originally by Douglas Adams himself and the updated version is suitably respectful, but does include new graphics by the legendary (for some of us of a certain age) Rod Lord, ironically actually done using a computer this time. There are more details on the making of the new game, and tons more Hitchhikers stuff on the Radio 4 site. Nice one, Chris Berthoud, Roger Philbrick and the rest of Radio 4 Interactive, as well as game developers Sean Solié, Rod Lord and Shimon Young.


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  1. Dan Hill Avatar

    Hey, we won a BAFTA for the Hitchhikers game this week! For ‘online entertainment’ … Even more congratulations to Chris Berthoud, Roger Philbrick, Sean Sollé and the rest of the team in Radio 4 Interactive.
    (Our department has had much success with Hitchhikers – we also enabled streaming in 5.1 surround sound, and achieved a million ‘on demand’ listens.)


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