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The great Paul Schütze has a new installation in Bergen, Norway, running 17th September – 31 October 2004. (Timo – Go! Go! Go!)

“The relationship between Architecture, sound and the navigation of memory and awareness is a constant theme in Schutze’s work. In 1999 as part of his seminal Site Works series, Schütze began a work which started to explore the extraordinary Janta Manta astronomical garden in Delhi, India. Built in the eighteenth century by Marharajar Jai Singh II, Janta Manta is a complex of architectural structures and instruments, which were used to measure and observe the heavens. At its time of construction it yielded the most precise celestial observations available surpassing even those of the Portuguese. Using text and sound to propose both an emotional and explanatory “occupation” of the site, the work took the form of a one hundred minute composition for voice, percussion, flutes and electronics called “Second Site” released by Virgin Records … The Garden Of Instruments” (translation of Janta Manta) to be shown in September at Gallery 3,14, is a further development of these ideas comprising projections of a detailed animated model of the structures, viewed in conjunction with the existing sound work and a series of print works incorporating text and rendered images.”

I can highly recommend Schütze’s release Second Site [UK|US] and this new installation developing the ideas sounds fantastic. (My friend David Thorpe has worked with Paul on the video side of things – again, an unequivocal recommendation.)

Paul Schütze: Garden of Instruments


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