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Science Museum opens up storeroom

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“The Science Museum is opening up its vast storerooms in west London. The public can now book a curator-led tour of some of the 170,000 objects that are not on display in the museum’s South Kensington exhibition halls. Known as Blythe House, the storerooms are home to early telescopes and operating tables, Stone Age tools and even freeze-dried GM mice.”

The (quite-brilliantly-named) manager of collections at the Science Museum, Xerxes Mazda, says “each object, everything you see, tells a story.” I’m sure, given that the Science Museum itself only displays 7% of the collection – the rest is at Blythe House. Tours are alternate Wednesdays and free, but must be booked in advance (details)

BBC News: Tours open up science treasures
Science Museum: Ingenious Tours


One response to “Science Museum opens up storeroom”

  1. jpb Avatar

    You should go along – it’s really quite an amazing place. They also have a warehouse down in Wiltshire full of cars and planes, or so I’m told.


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