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Tom Waits for no man

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(No excuse for that pun, sorry. Doesn’t even make sense.) Heard a ‘play-out’ of the new Tom Waits album tonight, Real Gone. It’s not out till October (in the UK anyway) but it’s sounding bloody awesome. At first hearing, his best since Bone Machine – possibly better – and possibly his best since the untouchable mid-80s trilogy of Swordfishtrombones, Rain Dogs and Frank’s Wild Years. Plus, he’ll be touring!

* A play-out is an odd ‘music industry thing’ where you sit in a room with a bunch of journalists and get an entire album played at you … Odd but in this case good.


2 responses to “Tom Waits for no man”

  1. Richard Avatar

    “Tom Waits’ best album since Bone Machine”!? You’re not seriously trying to tell us that Bone Machine is better than Mule Variations!


  2. Dan Avatar

    Yeah I am! I like Mule Variations a lot, but I don’t think it has anything astonishing on it, like ‘World Died Screaming’ or ‘All Stripped Down’, say. It’s really good, Mule Variations, but doesn’t have the clanking, screaming unhinged horror of Bone Machine. Though that album does fall apart a bit towards the end. … I also like Blood Money and Alice a lot – but I don’t think any of them look like they’ll compare with the new one. In My Humble Opinion, natch.


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