City of Sound is about cities, design, architecture, music, media, politics and more. Written by Dan Hill since 2001.

Part of Boston/Cambridge Diary series

As in most American cities, it’s difficult for the North European urban typography fan to put their camera down. But I’ve done all the rusty STOP signs at crossroads and giant neon DRUGS signs hanging over chemists before. As have many others, to better effect (e.g., e.g., e.g., etc., etc.) . Also, Boston feels a bit ‘cleaner’ than most US cities in terms of say, vernacular hand-painted signage, or layered history. Maybe I didn’t get out into the right districts of the city enough. However, I may have largely resisted the urge but it’s still a riot of words, phrases, images and typography. As well as The Boston Utilities Series I made and posted previously, around manhole covers and the like (boy did I get some funny looks doing that), here’s a few signs and symbols from walking round Cambridge, Back Bay and Beacon Hill:

Harvard University Old Heinz building Blurred subway sign Improving type Rabbit graff Cyclist icon YMCA Deco-like Street Number Fire Department Woodbury Building in the setting sun Something something pulley Side of a skip Forties type Junior League of Boston Cycle path Utilities Snow Emergency Pumpkin graff


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