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Radio Player survey

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We’re constantly iterating the Radio Player (our ‘live listening’ and ‘radio-on-demand-like’ service here at the BBC, available as a pop-up console via, and across our radio and music websites) – and as part of this process, we’re interested in people’s views on the current version. There’s a quick survey (approx 5 minutes to complete) on our site. It’d be great if you could share some of your reactions with us, in order to help keep the product moving on …

BBC Radio Player Survey


6 responses to “Radio Player survey”

  1. Adrian Avatar

    By Radio Player, do you just mean the little pop-up browser window that streams the radio for you, or are the streams themselves included?


  2. Michael Williams Avatar

    I get the error “Please complete question 10” when I submit, despite the fact that I have expressed a preference for each statement and even put some placeholder text in the “Other” box.


  3. Dan Avatar

    Yes, Adrian, that’s it exactly – the pop-up browser window. Thanks.
    And I’ll get someone to take a look at that form, Michael, thanks. And sorry.


  4. Adrian Avatar

    Ah well. I like the “listen to this in Real Player” option of it, but haven’t used any of the rest I’m afraid. I had some problems with the stream when I first started listening online a couple of years back, so now just have the stations bookmarked in Real One.
    To be honest, I think I prefer being able to find it easily – a browser window would tend to get lost amongst the plethora I always seem to have open (9 atm…).


  5. Dan Avatar

    Bug fixed – thanks Michael. Should be fine now.
    Good point RE multiple windows, Adrian – and please make it in the survey! That’s exactly the kind of thing we’re trying to flush out …
    Thanks, D.


  6. Alex Avatar

    Funnily enough i was going to mention it to you when we met the other day Dan! Anyway, will fill in the form.


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