City of Sound is about cities, design, architecture, music, media, politics and more. Written by Dan Hill since 2001.

Acts of Volition has some interesting takes on how Stewart Brand’s book How Buildings Learn can be applied to web design and development.

Interesting to see people take on this work and infer useful stuff from it for another arena – Steven Garrity’s principal conclusions seem to be usefully focused on: documenting your work for future use, as per John Abrams (an aspect I hadn’t picked up, to be honest); XHTML-compliant code, with coherent structures server-side too (would like to see this developed more); and the very wise reflection that even if you don’t intend things you build to be around a long time, they will be!

My own thoughts on fusing How Buildings Learn to web design and development are contained within my adaptive design presentation (and the adaptive design category on this blog).

Acts of Volition: How Websites Learn
[via Tom Coates – thanks!]


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