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I found Leo Sayer’s phone number

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Trying a shirt on in Selfridge’s the other day, I noticed a scrap of paper on the floor. Looking closer, I realised it wasn’t attached to my prospective shirt but must have previously fallen off some other garment. Looking closer still, I realised it had Leo Sayer’s mobile phone number written on it.

Leo Sayer's number scribbled on a Selfridge's receipt

You’ll note I’ve deployed the Crimewatch filter in Photoshop to pixellate the number.

Now there could be several Leo Sayers out there, but I doubt there are many. Even in a city of 12m+, I reckon there’s only one Leo Sayer. Only one Leo Sayer likely to be in the men’s clothing department of Selfridge’s … So imagine the sheer visceral thrill of holding the mobile number of the man personally responsible for monster hits "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" (No.2 Oct 1976) and "When I Need You" (No.1 Jan 1977). Amongst others. Visceral, I tell you.

[Have to say, it doesn’t reflect awfully well on Selfridge’s understanding of personal privacy … another twist on the old adage about your credit card number being more likely to ripped off via restaurant receipts than from the internet …]

Obviously, after vaguely wondering about how much I’d get for it on eBay and then briefly toying with the idea of giving him a ring (just to mess with his mind), I’ve decided to respect Mr. Sayer’s privacy by destroying the original – so don’t try to get in touch, Leo-fans. Boy, is this going to generate some confused looking arrivals referred from Google …


9 responses to “I found Leo Sayer’s phone number”

  1. David Avatar

    If you do ever get the nerve to ring him, could you ask him if he remembers my Mum? She used to be friends with his sister and the three of them played together as children. [So my Nana told me anyway.] 🙂


  2. AH Avatar

    send it to found magazine.
    almost as good as some of the stuff there.


  3. Avatar


    David asks “What shall I say?” and, as usual, says it so very well.

    What would you do if you fou…


  4. drew Avatar

    You’re a better soul than I. I wouldn’t have been able to resist calling and crooning “You’ve got a cute of waaaaalkin’…”


  5. quicklinks Avatar

    Sayer’s #

    cityofsound: “I found Leo Sayer’s phone number.”…


  6. T Avatar

    i found somebody’s home phone number and address-and most of the addresses a person ever lived, and he’s a star. ok, so it’s not exactly his phone number/his home, but he can get phone messages, mail, or visits there, i guarantee it…..the number/address was in a phone book…the addresses were in public records anybody could buy. i got rid of the public records and sent the only copy of them, to him, to tell him to seal those up through court.
    the phone number was in the phone book and i’m suggesting they switch to unlisted/unpublished phone, and seal their records, too, or anybody could call or pop in the neighborhood, or send mail….
    i want to respect his privacy. (stars, public people, don’t really get the same rights we have, to privacy, you know.) well, i’m trying my hardest to, so if he’s reading this-i hope he appreciates me for that…
    at least e-mail and cell phone numbers are not public records-so those a person can hide more easily.
    if it’s public-anybody can find it….
    kudos on not using that phone number-leo should thank you, and that store should be sued….


  7. kathie Avatar

    you should have called it!! i read about someone calling Lindsay Lohan… hahaha.


  8. Dan Avatar

    Trackbacks on this post, received at the time (before I turned trackbacks off due to spam):

    » questions… from
    David asks “What shall I say?” and, as usual, says it so very well.

    What would you do if you fou… [Read More]

    » Sayer’s # from quicklinks
    cityofsound: “I found Leo Sayer’s phone number.”… [Read More]


  9. A Leo Sayer Fan Avatar
    A Leo Sayer Fan

    I wished I had been in Selfridges that day! I see the date on the receipt is the day before Leo’s (56th) birthday and it was two months and 11 days before I saw him in concert again!


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