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Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Matt Webb does a Pepys with Leonardo, using Project Gutenberg’s online text version. Da Vinci’s notebooks, published daily in RSS form. Ace. Proper internet goodness. Our newsreaders will soon be overflowing with diverting thoughts for the day.

[Random (potentially facile) thought. Has anybody thought of doing Anne Frank’s diary in a daily RSS feed?]

Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
[via Matt Jones]


2 responses to “Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci”

  1. Tom Coates Avatar

    Yup – that’s been long discussed. Phil and I talked about that when I was working back at UpMyStreet. Problem is that it isn’t out of copyright yet, and won’t be for a couple of decades (if indeed if ever comes out, given the state of copyright laws). There aren’t a lot of well known diaries that are in the public domain yet, unfortunately.


  2. Kubalay Banerjee Avatar
    Kubalay Banerjee

    Kindly send me da Vinci’s work on cryptography


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