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Absolutely fantastic little post over at Tesugen, lifting a concept from Kevin Lynch’s classic, The Image of the City [UK|US], in order to infer a new concept for his software design – Lynch’s "imageability" appropriated and applied to code in order to denote how clearly the essential architecture of a system’s software can be envisaged. As Peter Lindberg notes, Matt Webb wrote a note about this book a while back. It’s an all-time favourite of mine and it might well be time for me to re-read it. It’s one of those books which should come with a built-in alarm which triggers every few years, reminding you to re-read it. It’s one of those books which is so gently wise and open that your experience in the intervening years subtly affects the way you experience it – shifting what you draw from it – essentially meaning you’ll get more and more from it each time you pick it up. A wondrous thing.

Tesugen: Kevin Lynch’s The Image of the City and Software Architecture
The Image of the City, by Kevin Lynch [Amazon UK|US]


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