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How to walk in NYC

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How to walk, with particular reference to New York. "On sidewalks … the only rule is to move quickly and accurately." Absolutely. (This applies to London too, particularly Oxford St). Please pay attention to the recent changes in crosswalk signals in New York. If travelling between walks via subway, you may enjoy this new exhibition on ‘Architecture and Design in the New York City Subway’.

The Morning News: How to walk in New York
Social Design Notes: Crosswalk Usability
Satan’s Laundromat: Subway Style


3 responses to “How to walk in NYC”

  1. Euan Avatar

    I always remember coming back from a trip to New Zealand where we had been swimming with dolphins. The way the pod flashed around, in and out of each others paths at lightning speed without ever even coming close to colliding contrasted markedly with getting out of the tube at Oxford Circus!


  2. Paul Mison Avatar

    Pfah. London has an entire book about how to walk here. Admittedly, some of its advice is best taken with a pinch of salt.


  3. Whats Up NYC! Avatar

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    keep up with What’s Up How To Walk in NYC Great NYC Maps…


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