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Eno puts the arch into Archers

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April fool! Our Today programme joined forces with The Independent to try to wind up middle England this morning, as an elaborate April Fool based around Brian Eno remixing The Archers theme tune [non-UK context: The Archers is a long-running popular radio-based daily soap about everyday country folk; non-music context: Brian Eno is a genius who has changed the face of popular music several times over the last 30 years]

"In recent years Ambridge has become a racy hotbed of affairs and scandals. To the extent that the jovial, uplifting tune is deemed to be out of date – not reflecting the new urban problems facing the local residents. To increase the appeal to a younger audience, BBC executives have commissioned composer and musician Brian Eno to remix the existing tune."

BBC Radio 4: Today: New Archers Theme Tune
The Independent: Tum-ti tum-ti tum-ti tum… kerrang. Ambridge in uproar over Eno’s ‘new-wave’ theme tune
MediaGuardian: Were you fooled?


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