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Albums sell better when fileshared too

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Amidst all the hoo-haa about EMI shedding jobs, another study finds that net music piracy ‘does not harm record sales’, this time as reported by New Scientist magazine.

"Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf monitored 680 albums, chosen from a range of musical genres, downloaded over 17 weeks in the second half of 2002. They used computer programs to automatically monitor downloads and compared this data to changes in album sales over the same period to see if a link could be established. The most heavily downloaded songs showed no decrease in CD sales as a result of increasing downloads. In fact, albums that sold more than 600,000 copies during this period appeared to sell better when downloaded more heavily."

New Scientist: Net music piracy ‘does not harm record sales’


One response to “Albums sell better when fileshared too”

  1. Dan Avatar

    Boing Boing with more:
    “Even in the most pessimistic specification, five thousand downloads are needed to displace a single album sale…high selling albums actually benefit from file sharing.”


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