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Everyday Drawing

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In a similar vein to their excellent interview with Danny Gregory, has interviewed Dan Price, also including a gallery:

"Drawing requires a keen eye and a free hand, to recreate objects and people not as we see them, but as they are. An interview with artist, author, and publisher Dan Price, and a gallery of images from his journals."

Very similar style to Gregory (who I mentioned before, and whose book I’m enjoying hugely) – both doing extremely engaging, everyday drawing. Recording life with a sketchbook and a pen. There’s more about Price over at Moonlight Chronicles, and I also just discovered that Danny Gregory’s got a blog – good stuff.

The Morning News: Excerpts from The Moonlight Chronicles


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  1. neils Avatar

    I have an old Moonlight Chronicles zine from about 1992 which I stumbled upon in a bookstore somewhere, nice to hear he’s still around and producing good work.
    The phrase “Everyday Drawing” puts me in mind of comments I recently read in a Milton Glasser speech from the 2002 AIGA conference:

    “I am a great advocate of drawing, not in order to become an illustrator, but because I believe drawing changes the brain in the same way as the search to create the right note changes the brain of a violinist. Drawing also makes you attentive. It makes you pay attention to what you are looking at, which is not so easy.”

    (PDF of the whole speech used to be found here, but seems to be broken now. via Design Observer).


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