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Broadcast assassins

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Are new technologies changing the way you consume traditional media? (I’d imagine the answer is yes…) If so, a post at m’learned colleague Tomski’s site may be of interest, particularly if you want to a) help the BBC learn more about bleeding edge media consumption, and/or b) earn 50 quid.

Tomski: BBC looking for scary future folk


2 responses to “Broadcast assassins”

  1. mattw Avatar

    If matter, can become information, either matter making crystals that from a seed make patterning, or amino acids make DNA which reproduces, then information can become matter. Loops of information using the human brain as a communication medium can come to life. But if the information can come to life, what then?


  2. no, 2 self Avatar

    teeth on plastic

    So there’s this dog. And he’s chasing a Frisbee. The former bounds across the open field making an almost incalcuable number of micro-adjustments to its speed and direction. The latter glides across the open sky receiving an almost incalcuable number of


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