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Traffic Island Disks

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Genius idea for a bit of radio – Traffic Island Disks, on Resonance 101.4 FM in Central London (or mp3 streaming anywhere). It’s a beautifully simple way of making the inaudible audible:

"Traffic Island Discs is a radio programme about music, people and spaces. We roam the streets looking for people wearing headphones, stop them, and interview them while recording whatever they are listening to. The result is a half hour tour of an area of London, heard through people’s personal tastes and rhythms."

On the show I heard (Fitzrovia and Soho), I’m not sure the presenter is actually required. Far better to let the music and listener – the sound of the city – speak for itself. Great idea though.

Traffic Island Disks
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6 responses to “Traffic Island Disks”

  1. Andrew Avatar

    Man, I assumed that everyone in London walked around listening to obscure variants of electronic music or of-the-moment British pop. These people are so boring! Jewel? Goo Goo Dolls?


  2. Dan Avatar

    Just as high streets are the same all over the world now, remember that the true definition of ‘world music’ is American pop 😉


  3. Jez Avatar

    What a brilliant idea! What diversity. I agree about your comment about the presenter…disparaging comments about people’s style/music/taste? especially after the (Jewel) girl gave her time….Don’t you remember being really repelled by anyone who tried to get you to listen to something against your will. I’m sure he’ll learn pretty quick…. This would be fantastic run as a 24hrs show (stock piled and streamed) to tune in and out to as and when.
    Currently listening to


  4. Simon Avatar

    For another take on world music see the excellent Cassette Culture: Popular Music and Technology in North India by Peter Manuel,


  5. Listen to Musak Avatar

    Defining Your Own Space

    There’s some interesting new research into music, spaces and those of us that walk around with headphones on the whole time.


  6. Dan Avatar

    Trackbacks sent to this post at the time (before I turned trackbacks off due to spam):

    » Defining Your Own Space from Listen to Musak
    There’s some interesting new research into music, spaces and those of us that walk around with headphones on the whole time. [Read More]


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