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A Tale of Two Cities’ IT Departments

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London and New York and their various informational systems and strategies …

"This statement sets out the Mayor’s view of the role and importance of information and communications technology (ICT) for London. It presents key elements of the Mayor’s policies with respect to ICT; sets out an overarching vision for ICT in London; and describes key priorities for joint working across the capital."

Connecting the capital: information and communications technology in London (January 2004)

"Officials can make a few mouse clicks to see any number of trends swirling in the city of 8 million people: which neighborhoods are low on fire trucks, where the West Nile virus has appeared or which streets were recently paved and should be off limits to digging. Other cities are increasingly using the technology to infuse efficiency and clarity into what would otherwise be simple civic drudge."

Wired: City Governments Map Trends
[via George – thanks!]


One response to “A Tale of Two Cities’ IT Departments”

  1. matlock Avatar

    Dan – just because London doesn’t mention GIS systems in their IT ‘mission statement’, it doesn’t mean they don’t have one. I remember researching an art project with Anno in York in 1998, where the local council were very happy to show us their sophisticted GIS system. The operator showed us maps of the city with various data mapped dynamically on it, including historic trees, fatal car crashes, and other interesting info. If Old York and New York both have them, I’m pretty sure london does as well…


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