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Both of these sites are quite extraordinary collections of images of New York, one focusing on the now, the daily, the quotidian delight of looking at the city; the other on the history of the city, its hidden past, the delight of discovering memories.

A reminder that "New York exists as many times as many times as there are New Yorkers."

Satan’s Laundromat:

"This is a Brooklyn-based photolog with an emphasis on strange signage, urban decay, and general weirdness."

Satan’s Laundromat
[via Andrew Otwell – thanks!]

Forgotten NY

"The infrastructure of a lost metropolis: The past is all around us in New York. It’s on the buildings high above and in the subways and tunnels deep below. It’s even in the paths the streets take. This site is your gateway to a New York City that existed long ago — and still exists in a hidden form today. On this site we’ll show you remnants of a NYC of long ago, as well as unusual scenes not ordinarily associated with New York."

Forgotten NY
[via Matt Fretwell – thanks!]


2 responses to “New York: forgotten, decayed, beautiful”

  1. Sam Knight Avatar

    Just to say, I’ve been writing about the NY sewers and a great photographer has been helping me. He’s called Steve Duncan and his site is, his snaps are worth a look.


  2. Damian Avatar

    Just back from NYNY myself – various photos online, including (if I may say so,) some nice B&W ones and some quirky sign pictures too which I’m going to print off and put into a nice montage on a wall sometime…


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