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So, given the slight sense of disappointment around the iPod mini (OK, they'll no doubt tug at my heartstrings when I see how small they are in the flesh, but the price just seems too high. Check elsewhere – here, here, here, & here – for better debate) it feels like extensions of the iPod are where the interesting work is located right now. Check the growing list of accessories which Apple are collating. Or the ever-widening range of discussions about the way people use their iPods in 'everyday life'. Or want to use them.

Tom's post regarding a Bluetooth-based linkup fading down his iPod and fading up his 'home' computer connected to his hifi was a gem of an idea. It reminded me of Marc Rettig's aside in his brilliant Interaction design history in a teeny little nutshell Powerpoint:

"I like to listen to “Morning Edition”on the radio in the mornings. Why shouldn’t the broadcast follow me from bathroom to bedroom to kitchen, then into the car?"

There is a rich future for those who figure out the protocols, handshaking, data transfer etc. around connecting these devices up, such that the user experience of listening effortlessly drifts across devices and spaces just as you do.

It's akin to the variations on the tunA idea a few of us spun around a while ago – although the integration with home hifi is new, and and feels something like the "last few centimetres" problem a lot of us currently face, when trying to hook up mp3s to hifis. Why can't wireless connectivity extend to, er, the wireless?

My problem is that my music has expanded way beyond my laptop, such that I use an 120gb external drive as my main iTunes library. This makes it difficult to sync up with my laptop. I would guess Tom's right when he says most people have their music collection on one hard drive (on their iMac or iBook or whatever), but I can't imagine this will last. And I think this is possibly one of the reasons Apple introduced a dock to the iPod, as well as some ease of use and USB2/Firewire manufacturing shortcuts, no doubt.

I wasn't sure about the dock at first. The last thing I want is a series of docks lined up by my stereo/laptop etc. for my various portable devices. However, leaving the dock connected directly to my amp + speakers – which is always on, and set to the aux channel the dock is on – means I can walk into my flat listening to my iPod, drop the iPod into the dock, and then remove my headphones to hear the music now playing through the dock -> amp -> speakers. I haven't lost the audio at any point during that [update: a later comment on Tom's post noted someone else also does this]

There are so many issues with connecting these devices. In fact, in the above scenario, if I then connect my dock to my laptop the music cuts out with a ugly abruptness, as iTunes starts up, taking control of the iPod. So, should it continue playing? Probably. But what should be the 'active' music library at that point? The iPod's? Or the laptop's? There are other issues – should the laptop become aware of the listening I've been doing with the iPod (updating any on-the-hoof rating I've done? The playcounts?). Again, probably, but as far as I can tell now, the main iTunes music library does not sync the ratings I've done of those same tracks on the iPod. I'm not sure there's a good reason to keep these separate – it could be argued that I might want to have a different rating listening to that same music on my iPod (environmental conditions etc.), but it's a flimsy argument.

Know what I'd like? A mini projector connected to iPod (or PowerBook) which simply projected what was on iPod screen – or on Synergy on PowerBook – displaying what was playing. Given the dock scenario above, the iPod tends to be situated close to the hifi (an audio jack lead away) and would it be fair to assume that people don't sit next to their hifi? i.e. that they sit further away. If that is the case, it's annoying that an iPod screen can't be read from >50cm away – so given the desirability of shuffle mode, you have to keep getting up to check what's playing.

I know an iPod remote control could do this, but that seems a little cumbersome i.e. that's a device to pick up and fiddle with, rather than the nicely backgroundable, almost ambient, light of a small projection.

Here's my mockup of what I need! Or does such a thing exist?

iPod projector mockup iPod local synching
Marc Rettig: interaction design history in a teeny little nut shell [PDF]


16 responses to “iPods and the wireless”

  1. Paul Mison Avatar

    iirc play counts and ratings are syncronised, but only if you don’t manually manage playlists. Since the iPod can’t store 120GB, I assume that’s why you’re not seeing the synchronisation. (I’m in a similar position.)


  2. Dan Avatar

    Thanks Paul. I don’t understand Apple’s logic there though. Just because one manually manages playlists (which is surely essential if you have a lot of music) doesn’t mean that ratings and play counts shouldn’t be synchronised. There is no logical relationship between playlists and ratings/playcounts. I wish to synchronise the latter but not the former. Hmmm.


  3. Avatar

    Dan’s iPod Projector…

    Dan Hill’s idea for a profoundly useful iPod accessory – as explained in greater detail in his post iPods and the wireless – is rather cheekily presented below. I want one….


  4. Tom Coates Avatar

    That really is weird. Annoying too. Weird and annoying. I can’t believe it doesn’t collate those things. It’s all I really want from my iPod, that it can do that kind of stuff. Stupid piece of crap. Grrr.


  5. Aaron Avatar

    What you need to do..
    Use the checkboxes to determine which songs go on the iPod – rather than managing it all manually, just deselect the songs you don’t want on the pod.
    Then allow everything to sync automatically, and iTunes will collate all the relevant information like a dream.
    Works on PC iTunes anyway.. Good luck


  6. codepoet Avatar

    Also, if you make anywhere from one to a dozen playlists JUST for the iPod, you can sync just those and get the same effect. Just need at least one.


  7. andrew Avatar

    I must be in a funny mood; I look at that mock-up picture and see possibilities beyond Artist, Track, Elapsed Time: think Pink Floyd, early days, psychedelia, water slides…
    Careful with that iPod Eugene
    Nah, doesn’t scan


  8. zlog Avatar

    Old Is New

    Link-dump extravaganza via


  9. Critical Section Avatar

    catching up

    iPods and the wireless – or how to project your iPods music selections onto a wall. Pretty cool, actually. [ via Tom Coates ]…


  10. cityofsound Avatar

    Socialising mp3-based music listening

    Though I signed up over a year ago, it’s only in the last month of so that I’ve begun to really use the fantastic Audioscrobbler. Basically, a discrete plugin which keeps track of what music you’re playing (in iTunes, WinAmp,


  11. heyblog Avatar

    iPodFM Display

    iPod pirate radio via iTrip plus Dan Hill’s iPod projector equals this:…


  12. Red Five Avatar
    Red Five

    I would guess that the playcounts and ratings are stored in the database which is not updated when you manually manage the iPod.


  13. Noah Avatar

    I tried doing it this summer (without knowing about your idea, but based off of a friend’s suggestion and a projection clock. I was unsucessful. The remote interface is pretty complicated, but the projector design is easy. I will try to do it with a basic chip this winter, and tell you how it works out.


  14. atomiczach Avatar

    Your idea is not completley impossible. I am an American living in China where everything is extremely cheap so I may give this a try. I will post again if it works. I am also working on how to control a robot with the pinouts so I wouldn’t mind working on this either.


  15. Dave Avatar

    I’ve done something similar to this as an aside to an iPod car audio interface I’ve been working on. It basically outputs the artist and track info as a video signal, I have this plugged into my TV but it would work with a projector. I’ve got a photo of it up at


  16. Dan Avatar

    Links originally sent to this post from other sites (before I turned trackbacks off due to spam)

    » Dan’s iPod Projector… from
    Dan Hill’s idea for a profoundly useful iPod accessory – as explained in greater detail in his post iPods and the wireless – is rather cheekily presented below. I want one…. [Read More]

    » Old Is New from zlog
    Link-dump extravaganza via [Read More]

    » catching up from Critical Section
    iPods and the wireless – or how to project your iPods music selections onto a wall. Pretty cool, actually. [ via Tom Coates ]… [Read More]

    » iPodFM Display from heyblog
    iPod pirate radio via iTrip plus Dan Hill’s iPod projector equals this:… [Read More]


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