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The City Stories Project

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Just found this City Stories site. It’s great.

From About The City Stories Project:

"What’s the big idea here?

I have this idea. There is a thing that I call city-based storytelling. It’s somewhere in between a personal journal and a city guide. It’s a series of personal stories where the city itself becomes a character in your story. SF Stories is basically my long love letter to San Francisco. What city do you love?

What is The City Stories Project?

It’s a network of city-based storytelling sites, tying real people in real cities all over the world together with a thread of personal stories.

What is city-based storytelling?

It’s halfway between a personal journal and a travel book. It’s when you tell the stories of your life, and the city itself becomes a key character. It’s a long, winding love story to the city you live in. It’s personal, true stories about what it’s like to be who you are, and live where you live."


One response to “The City Stories Project”

  1. Jeremy Avatar

    This project needs to get tied in with Andrea Moed’s Annotate Space project; then you’d really have something.


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