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DVD interface design lagging behind

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Interesting thread, starting here, on SIG-IA, discussing DVD interface design. Interesting in that the arguments often mirror those of web design a couple of years ago i.e. that entertainment-based experiences (for DVD read web) are not task-based and are more presentational; others claiming that they’re extremely task-based. Yes, most DVD interfaces are awful so far, but they’re surely supremely task-based ‘bound’ products at this point. But you can also evoke complex cultural subject matter. That doesn’t necessarily mean ‘presentational’, rather sliding up and down a continuum of interactivity, providing a true understanding of interactive (and its emerging behavioural idioms) for the command-control component alongside the otherwise passive presentational media. Either way, it need not be ugly nor unsympathetic to subject matter. Zeldman’s new Charlotte Grey site seems like a nice balance of evocation and clear usable interface (even the Flash (cough) which is used sparingly and not for interface). I wish most DVDs had this usability. Seems like we’re going over old ground.


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